Surviving Covid 19 – Hull Ethnic Minorities

Social distancing has destroyed social bonding. According to a local Daily Newspaper, more people with anxiety and other conditions are expected to come forward after the pandemic as they begin to process the isolation and loneliness they’ve lived and worked through caused by the social distancing restrictions. COVID-19 seems to deliver a double blow for Hull’s Black and Asian minorities.

In response, with government easing social restrictions, from the confines of our online platforms, for a duration of 6 months, we aim to progress our BAME vsCovid19 project to face-to-face live platforms. Our project musicians will perform their songs from our project LP in front of live audiences. The events will take part in 4 local ethnic minorities Communities centres. The events will culminate to a stage performance to wider audiences at this year’s Hull Freedom Festival giving artists an opportunity to showcase of their work while bringing people together.

Please let us know your thoughts by filling in our Project Feedback Form.