Minorities’ Minds Matter


Create and Express have been awarded a £10,000 grant from the Comic Relief Community Fund (England).

The project is a culturally tailored intervention aimed at engaging ethnic minorities living in Hull and East Yorkshire in raising awareness about the disproportionate negative impact of the Covid19 social restrictions on mental health. The project will use music as a tool to achieve its aims by working with musicians from the similar backgrounds who will compose songs in their own native language to get the wellbeing message across cultural and language barriers.

Additionally, the project will engage local mental health agencies and extended networks of local organisations with similar goals to inspire the message in the music and to reach out wider potential audiences. At the same time the project is aimed to act as a tool for reforging bonds and combating an already existing issues of isolation and loneliness amongst ethnic groups, however, now exacerbated by Covid19 government’ social restrictions.